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Full Version: Would you ever?
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nope. but i'd dye it any other colour. even hot pink.

WYE dye your hair hot pink?
I have dyed it pink before, so why not? Smile

WYE cut all your hair off?
yes. if iwas threatened with death!

WYE cut YOUR hair off?
No way, sowwie!

WYE wear makeup?
Hehe, I do. Wink

WYE dress like the opposite gender?
Yes, I'm a girl, we can.

WYE go out without makeup on if you're a girl, WYE wear makeup if you're a boy?
yes. i have to do it for acting.

Sorry, i G2G. i'll be back ASAP though, probably tomoro. Good Night/Day!


WYE go to bed an hour after you wake up?
Bye bye, I'll be on early tomorrow as I said before! xxxx

And yep, I would. {yes}

WYE talk to a random strange in a queue?
Um...probably not. Wink

WYE drop a bomb on a neighbouring country if you were paid to do so?



wye get a huge car
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