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Full Version: Would you ever?
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Been there, done that xD

WYE write a 10 page paper?
yea so far I have only got to an 8 page paper.
WYE right a book about your life?
Maybe when i grow oldĀ 
i dont want people to know my secrets right now

WYE Show your Diary/Journal to your friends if you have a diary
Nope. Don't even have one.

WYE wear your pajamas to school?
yup, I did that actually, but it was pajama day during homecoming week

WYE ride a unicycle?
WYE eat what I make?
Depends. XD

WYE sleep for 24 hours?
WYE eat cornbread? Yum!

WYE disobey your parents?
{whistle} What ever makes you think that nonsense? XD
WYE run away?
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