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Full Version: Would you ever?
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WYE write a goodbye letter?
idk why i would but i guess if i go to war or something

WYE watch a chicken fight

WYE sit in the mud?
I have ;_;
WYE engage in a mud fight?

WYE eat old cake?
maybe, depends on how old it is

WYE go to a strangers funeral?
Done it before (Grandma's sister's son's Wife's Cousin)something like that lol

WYE push someone down the stairs your REALLLY mad at
Nah...Maybe if it was on a TV show...Like and I had to act it...but in real life...no XD

WYE steal someones cheese?! {ohmy}

Earth Mama


WYE glaare at random people from your car's window?

WYE get dentures?
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