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Full Version: Would you ever?
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I might.

WYE listen to precisely the same music as I listen to?
Sure why not?
WYE criticize someone for their music taste?
I wouldn't, no. Only if I were joking with them.

WYE scream Somebody to Love at the top of your throat, and record yourself doing so?
YEP x]
WYE post a video of yourself being crazy on youtube?
Probably, yeah.

WYE buy huge sunglasses and a fur coat and wear them whenever in the company of somebody with an ego lesser than your own?
Ugh no. I think that's stupid.
WYE make fun of someone's appearence?
Nah, I wouldn't.

WYE through a squished up banana into somebody's hair?
o__o Ugh no.
WYE stick chewed gum in someone's hair?
O_O Not really

WYE get all of your friends to sing Yellow Submarine with you and put up a video of it all over the internet? xD
PSH yep.
WYE dance oddly and have it taped and put all over your school?
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