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Full Version: Would you ever?
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no. i have a hard time driving Bikes, let alone huge cars!

WYE become a hot-air baloon enthusiast?
Um...no? Haha.

WYE shoot a duck?
NO!! >:-( That is so cruel!!!

WYE  save a bumble bee?
Not really...I mean, I wish, but I'm allergic to bee stings, see... Wink

WYE jump out of a plane if it was about to crash?
yes, I might die either way but the one way is practiacally certain so I would at least fly by myself my last moments and hope to maybe survive even.  Landing in a lake is not unheard of.  Big Grin

WYE skydive?
Hehe, yes, probably. If I knew it was really VERY safe. Like, a trustworthy station. Wink

WYE stay under water for 3 minutes?

WYE do anything remotely dangerous?

WYE do something outrageously dangerous?

WYE wake up at 4am?
nope. I don't do mornings! Smile

WYE go to sleep at 4am?
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