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Full Version: Would you ever?
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IDK what that is.

WYE talk to yourself?

WYE drink alcohol?
maybe...when I'm legal

WYE learn to surf?

WYE dance in public?

wye leave a kitty on the side of a road next to a farm and slowly drive away as cliche music started playing :*(

WYR try to run over an enemy?
I know i would lol XD
No.  I've had someone try to run me over.  I don't think it's funny.

WYE Compete in a Cotton Candy Eating Contest?

[Image: VMfj.gif]
. [Image: TmyT.gif]
. [Image: 0OH4.gif]
. [Image: VfrT.gif]

[Image: WZG8.gif]
. [Image: dD6s.gif]
. [Image: 6W29.gif]
. [Image: 6FWh.gif]

[Image: OTpv.gif]

WYE drink blood?
In a glass? No way. If I cut myself and I have no disinfectant I'll lick it to disinfect it.

WYE turn your light on and off just for the fun of it?
Yes. Tongue

WYE dance the night away?
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