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Full Version: Would you ever?
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Of course. Tongue

WYE sing on TV?
Lmfao No! XD

WYE bang bang bang on the wall from dusk till dawn? Smile
No. Tongue

WYE make a fool out of yourself on TV?
With my friends,sureee.
WYE give someone a cold on purpose?

WYE kiss a celebrity?
WYE wear odd hats when you go out?

WYE go on a court show like Judge Judy?
No. I hate shows like that -.-
WYE watch Oprah?
if im bored... yes  {unsure}

WYE watch dr.phil (i actually like this show more although i still dont like either)
I usually don't watch him. I prefer Oprah. XD
Wye go into a moshpit?
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