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Full Version: Would you ever?
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I have done, so yes.

WYE shout at an OAP?
Let say I would even though I don't know what that means. (I'm very stupid so forgive me)

WYE lie to your best friend and say that their boyfriend/girlfriend is ugly?? (I have know clue)
It means an Old Age Pensioner. Smile

And no, that'd be really mean!

WYE wake up later than 4pm?
If I slept that long I would!  {blush}

WYE Stay up 856967 hours?
Wowzies, that's a looong time!... Let me think about it.... Sure! Big Grin

WYE skip a whole nights sleep?
I did once, I didn't go to sleep until about 9 am, but then I slept for three hours and woke up at 12:00 pm Big Grin does that count? Smile

WY buy Sims 3 if it cost 300 LE (dunno whats that in english pounds, but I mean if it cost ALOT)
That totally counts! Big Grin

Probably, I'd purchase it even if it cost 5,000 pounds!

WYE download any CC for TS3 after just a day playing it?
Nah, I hate CC, I probably wouldn't download CC ever. I hardly even download CC for Sims 2. Smile
WYE do nothing for 3 hours except stare at the Sims 3 website waiting for an update?
I want to say no, but... yes! I seriosuly think I would! Maybe I should try it and see?

WYE download 500 CC in one day even though you hate it?
no, but maybe like... when you download something, then you're about to close the page then you see something else you like so you start downloading some more, it's like an addiction  {tongue} even though I hate them {blink}, they make the game soo slow.
WYE ditch a friend to become popular?
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