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Full Version: Would you ever?
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If I was really hyper, I might xD

WYE get a job answering phones all day?
WYE get colored contacts?

WYE not wash your hands for a week?
no haha

WYE not shower for 3 days
If the shower broke, yes.
WYE kiss someone if there was money in it for you?
Depends on what kind of kiss and with whom.

WYE poke a sweet little kitty in the eye? xD
No? xD
WYE break your computer over a game?
No, I love my little Eddie too much.

WYE moon your teacher?
no im too shy  {blush}

WYE steal something from someone you don't like (and don't know) so you can give it to them later so you guys can meet lol
No lol
Same question. Tongue
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