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Full Version: Would you ever?
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maybe... (I'm a sprunger)  {rolleyes}

WYE download the sims 3 free if your parents broke your CD and made sure you didn't buy another one
Bad cheese! :O

Already done that lol
WYE kill someone?
No. Too much of a chicken for that. Smile

WYE steal something from a friend?

WYE wrong someone who's wronged you
No, I don't think revenge makes you any better than the other person. Just brings you down to
they're level.

WYE watch the Disney chanel by choice?
I did earlier...  {rolleyes}

WYE watch Vh1 by choice?
I don't know what that is XD
WYE go shopping by choice?
of course  {yes}

WYE  burn a shirt for fun
YESH my mum probably wouldn't let me tho xD
WYE beat someone for the hell of it?
it depends on the person/size/age/gender
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