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Full Version: Would you ever?
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Stop forgetting to ask questions lol
WYE forget typing your question after this?
of course
You forgot again!

WYE remember to forget?
haha i set that one up {clown}
yes i will (like i just did the other day  Tongue)

WYE eat a sandwich from the trash if you haven't ate in 2 days?
Maybe XD
WYE wear paint yourself?

WYE pee in a dirty public restroom
If there was no place else, and I really had to go, yes.

WYE go on American Idol?
Maybe {blush}
WYE travel to Alaska for no reasons?
no not enough money in the world to waste...

WYE throw away the sims 3 forevur! for $10,000
Yeah. I need the money for college Sad

WYE trade your kidney for TS3? XD
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