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Full Version: Would you ever?
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no way.. the sims 2 is enough as long as I'm 100% healthy

WYE go into the sims world for the rest of your life...
Nah. Too...pathetic xD
WYE egg your teacher's car?
did it once... stupid history teacher.. i think he was racist  {blink} oh well I just finished the school year i don't need to fret over "It"

WYE  spray paint your teacher's car
LOL, no. Plus I think that's the wrong game Wink

moon your teacher?
Depends how good he/she looks x]]

WYE moon your mother?

WYE keep a job that you are totally bored at?
Nooo Dx
WYE quit a job because of the pay even though it'll work towards your dream job?
Depends on the situation.

WYE put ketchup in muffins? D:
Ew no Dx

WYE eat ranch with french fries? ;D
Ehh. No.

WYE dye your hair neon green?
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