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Full Version: Would you ever?
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Yeah I would Tongue It's purple atm XD
I was gonna go to green next Big Grin

WYE dance naked in the rain?

WYE purposely trip so that someone would notice you?
Mhm xD
WYE dance in the middle of Time Square,badly?
ummmmmm....... whats in it for me?
WYE go swimming with a bunch of crocodiles for 1 million dollars??

WYE learn how to write caligraphy?
I dont know but that is but maybe Big Grin

WYE take in a basket of Kittens that was left at your front door?
WYE eat a bear??
No xD

WYE eat a snake?


No!  {ohmy}

WYE sell your Sims games so you could buy a pair of pants or shoes you really want?
Hell NO!

WYE Sell everything you own just have the complete TS2 collection?
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