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Full Version: Would you ever?
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I neeeeeed my FF games {ohmy}

WYE go to a metal festival in the mosh pit 8)
(I have, broke 3 ribs 8) )


No!  {no}

WYE buy a book you really wanted if you knew the covers were made of panda skin?
never! I love panda's  Tongue

WYE stop buying clothes if you found out a kitten is killed everytime you buy a shirt

WYE not play sims anymore because you found out every time you play someone gets eaten by a fish?
lol yea but everyone would be dead before i could stop... everyone on these forums is enough to kill a small community in one day XD

WYE shoot someone who killed your fmaily
I don't think that would be possible since the person would be in jail to he's dead. xD

WYE go into the future if you could?
Yes I would see how I am and If I'm doing bad when I come back I'd work my ass off lol

WYE alter the past?
Yeah, I think everyone would want to do that. x3

WYE marry a cat for a billion dollars? -lacks creativity- xD


Yes!!  {lol}

WYE sleep a night with a scorpion in your bed for 100 of your currency?
nope lol

WYE drink eat a cooked cat if you were starving for 4 days in the desert
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