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Full Version: Would you ever?
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Yuck!! But yes, I think I had to. =d

WYE eat a part of your arm if you were starving for days in a desert?
Uhm, no, I think I'd kill myself if I did that. xD

WYE kiss a stray cat's butt for a hundred dollars? (Or a hundred in whatever your currency is.)
yea lol

WYE lick a dirty dog for 1K
No way

WYE do the naked dance?
I don't know would you  {glare}

WYE be in a movie
I already am XD well a sims movie... its like 1 hour long

WYE pick your nose n eat it
I probably have when i was little XD haha sorry

WYE throw someone down the stairs that you hate  {trout} I did that once cause he told the girl I liked that I liked her (they were twins and he was the brother)and i threw him down the stairs and I got suspended XD yea he was my best friend and since then we like hate each other.. that was back in 2002 lol


No! I'm too kind. But who knows? Maybe I would if I got really angry.  {cursing}

If you were alone in the woods and saw a flying banana and it landed on your shoulder for a while and talked to you, WYE tell anyone?  Big Grin
Yes I would

WYE lath inanely for hours on end?
I do all the time heh heh heh

WYE paint your skin gold?
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