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Full Version: Would you ever?
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No, But that'd be very cool

WYE steal if you were starving (BE HONEST!?) lol


Nooo I would buy food!  XD But yes if I was poor and starving.

WYE marry to get rich?
If im in a bad financial status and the person isn't 15 years older than me


WYE steal money from your parents?
nope never I would just ask them for the money if  needed it badly.
WYE go on a reality tv show?
nooo way duuude!

WYE loop the film grease 10 times! YUCK!
sure would  Tongue

WYE eat from the floor if starving



WYE eat worms to impress someone?
There tasty

WYE Go to  a nude beach?
Nooooo. I've been to one before on my vacation and it was extremly awkward.

WYE eat a panda bear if it tasted good. (I got this one from a youtube video. x3)
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