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Full Version: Would you ever?
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They don't eat meat so ya

WYE sleap on a pirate ship

Would you ever cosplay as Gaara x3
Shure if I was doing it for a friend

WYE read for a whole day
If I had the time and a good book... yes!

WYE hitchhike?
I tried to once.  When I was 7 x3

WYE Eat 1,000 Tacos at one time if you could win 5,000 dollars?
I don't think anyone can

YUE dance in on a tower
I do a lot actually x3  And sing!

WYE Go without a shower for 6 months if it meant you could win a million dollars?
No I drown

WYE Sing for you supper?
Sure!  Free food, all right!  LoL

WYE dance wearing a tutu for money?
Can you find one big enougth?

WYE go to a lesbian bar?
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