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Full Version: Would you ever?
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I little CC is okay, but I agree, too much CC is totally going to freak your game out and send it like a slug in traffic when it comes to speed.

Nope, never, I don't want to be popular, it's boring!

WYE suck up to a popular kid just so they'd like you?

WYE eat a dead animal (uncooked)?

Sme question.
You tell me. Smile .. no.
WYE kiss a monkey?  <=== Don't ask. Smile

WYE shoot me?
No! but either way it will never happen cause I'll probably never meet you in person. Smile
WYE Cut all your hair off?

WYE shoot me?
No, no. Sad

WYE eat...me? Haha.


yes  kidding i dont know live so no

wye eat a cat or dog
HECK NO!!  I am an animal activist and if anyone hurts a poor defensless animal I will be kickin the crap out of them!! >:-(

WYE Shoot me??
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