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Full Version: Would you ever?
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yea being a guy I'd love to go to 1 XD

WYE spit on a baby if doing so would cure it from a horrible disease
Yes  x3

WYE adopt an animal in need, even if you knew it only had a few months to live?
probably not it'd be too sad after bonding with it somewhat

WYE streak for 300$
Depends on where.  Maybe x3  (yes, I'm that desperate lol)

WYE eat a box of stale crackers if it meant someone else could have a good meal?
yes crackers are good stale or not, as long as they're not spoiled or something

WYE become an actress
Dude but I would be an acture

WYE read a book for lesbians
Sure.  I like lesbians.  LOL

WYE dance in front of a live audience naked for the chance to win a LOT of money AND an all expenses paid vacation?
Me is nudist NP

WYE go to a nudist resort
Go to one?  Sure.  Do it?  Hmmmm ... lol

WYE dress like a Pirate and go door to door trying to sell Death & Dismemberment Insurance?  x3
lol yea, that would be fun

WYE go on a gameshow like those stunt kind etcSmile "I wanna win a japanese game show!" show lol
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