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Full Version: Would you ever?
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Maybe, but only be in the audience!  Wink

WYE wear a pink Barbie shirt in school or at work?
No problam

WYE sing on an airplane?
Yeah, I'd probably never see the people again

WYE go in public with your underwear outside your pants and your bra (if your a girl) outside your shirt for 100$?


I suffer from social phobia, so NO!  {lol}

WYE pretend to be a sim for a week for 100 of your currency?
Sureee x3
WYE camp out for a week in the middle of nowhere?
Nope. LOL.

WYE do it with someone of the same gender?
Matters, is this person 14, or 40. xD

WYE punch a teacher if you knew you wouldn't get in trouble?
Oh hell yeah!

WYE make a video of you dancing to the "Soulja Boy" dance?


No. I don't know that dance.

WYE read a phone book from cover to cover?
Nope, lol.

WYE eat a whole pack of Oreos in one sitting?
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