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Full Version: Would you ever?
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WYE, go skinny dipping? lol
Why not.

WYE attempt to climb Mount Everest?



WYE eat raw meat?
If i were stuck on an island in the middle of no where with no escape and that was the only option for food sustenance, then yes!

WYR meet someone in the middle of the freeway at 2:04 in the morning? XD


Yes, if I have to.

WYE sleep a night in a city park?
Not by myself.  {no}

WYE scream at your mother if she disapproved of your current GF/BF


I'm single, but if I had a BF I would.

WYE call the police if your best friend told you they stole something expensive from a store?
thats hard

umm, I would tell my best friend to put it back, and if he/she doesn`t, i would leave

WYE jump of a bridge in order to save your mom or dad?


Yes I think so.  {unsure}

WYE break in to a house to save a starving cat?
erm no. Confused
I'd call Animal services.

WYE dye your hair purple?
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