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Full Version: Would you ever?
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Unless there was a good reason to do so, no.

Would you swim with a killer whale?
Only at Sea World xD  They're too dangerous and unpredictable in the wild.

Would you ever eat a live eel?
O.O god no

WYE dance on a nudist beach xD

WYE log off a forum site just to avoid a person


No but I would log off a chat room to avoid contact with that person.

WYE kill a bird if it would impress a bad boy or girl you had a crush on?
WYE make fun of a friend if it meant you would be the most popular kid at school?


No. Even if it was in a friendly way. I was shy in school.

WYE go without brushing your teeth for a week for 50 of your currency?
WYE git rid of your phone if that meant you get a new laptop?


Yup and then buy a new phone. Tongue

WYE stay home from school or work to play a Sims game?
Guilty! Blush

Would you spend a night alone in a room alleged to be haunted?
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