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Full Version: Would you ever?
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(18-02-2011 12:09 AM)Tom Simkins Wrote: [ -> ]WYE type nonsense because you don't know what to say (type?)?

I do it all the time in chat rooms when I'm bored, like "gnuff" or "meep" or something like that. Big Grin

WYE take revenge on a mosquito by eating it?
No, I would rather kill it. It might bite the inside of me...

WYE drive 1 hour just to get gas at a cheaper price?


Nope. What would I do with the gasoline when I don't have a car?

WYE buy something you know you can't use, just because you wanted it?
Sure, there's always another use it can be put to if you think about it long enough! Cool

Would you get in touch with someone you had not been in contact with for ten years?
Yes! And I have before too! =)

Would you ever give a homeless person money?
Yes definitely.
WYE pay money to go to a movie you hate and don't want to see but all your friends going with you want to see? (this has happened to me alot)


Nope. They know that I don't want to go out much, so they don't ask me.

WYE go to school or work if you had stomach flu?
Depends on how I was feeling.
(10-05-2011 10:12 PM)2qewl4u Wrote: [ -> ]Depends on how I was feeling.

Would you put in a question because someone had forgotten to put in theirs?

Ugh I always forget! ahahh
WYE slap someone across the face if they were being rude?
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