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Full Version: Would you ever?
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No way - I refuse to believe there's any ice cream worth more in value than Kelly's Cornish Ice Cream, and it's a pound a tub. [Image: tongue.gif]

Would you ever attempt to walk 100 miles (eg. for charity)?


No. Cool

Would you ever eat a dry terry cloth towel for 100 of your currency?


Nej Tongue

would you ever pick your nose and eat it? Wink
NO!! Thats gross! Smile
WYE eat after somone?


eat after they had their dinner or run and eat them?

dinner yeah (i think)

would you ever ride a pig?
No i dont think so Rolleyes
WYE ride a goat Sleepy


maybe if i had a saddle Tongue

would you ever ride a Unicorn? ^-^
(23-02-2012 12:24 AM)Purple_Penguin00 Wrote: [ -> ]maybe if i had a saddle Tongue

would you ever ride a Unicorn? ^-^
She'd have to buy me dinner first!
[Image: tonguedrop.gif]

Would you ever bungee jump?
WYE go river rafting.. Smile


Maybe =P

would you ever roll down a icy hill? Tongue
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