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Full Version: Would you ever?
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Definitely yes, bring those feet over here!

[Unless of course there were clear signs of some kind of horrific fungal infection, in which case I reserve the right to change my answer!]

Would you do a walk across hot coals?
Unless there's a prize, no.
Would you give your friends up for your boyfriend/girlfriend?

Would you ever drink your own pee if it was an emergency (e.g. you are lost in a desert)?
I have never been in a situation that would force me to choose between doing something like that or die. After watching 127 hours and realizing that this is something a human being can actually think of doing when he/she has no other option, I might do it after all.

Would you ever have children?
Nope, it's not compulsory so I'm opting out! Unless you count looking after adorable kittens, in which case, yes please. Squeee!

Would you ever go caving?
Nope, dark spaces scare me! :mw_fist:

Would you ever consider getting plastic surgery?
Maybe, if I was unfortunate enough to get highly damaged in an accident, but not for anything minor. I was offered plastic surgery when my nose was broken, but I figured it wasn't too bad and would heal more or less as it used to be, so I said no. It turned out OK I think.

Would you ever marry someone just to get into another country more easily (or let someone else marry you to get into your country)?
No, I would only marry someone I truly loved.

Would you ever eat rat meat?
Yes, if it was a question of eating rat meat or starving to death. Given the recent scandals in the meat industry here, I probably already have eaten rat meat and just didn't know it!

Would you ever streak at a football match (or other live sporting event)?

(I predict that the person who answers this will say they'd do it for money.) Tongue
No, it's too illegal for me.

Would you ever kill your most beloved animal to save your own skin?
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