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Full Version: Would you ever?
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yes and i did just guess who  :'( (he was real in my mind)

wye fall in love with a fictional character
WYE break the TV if you saw something happen in a movie/series which you didn't want to happen?
Haha, no...but I may throw something at it. Wink

WYE call 911 without a reason?
We don't have 911 here Smile But either way, no.
WYE walk barefoot in the streets.
Haha, done that already. Wink

WYE run across a highway?
WYE go to a wedding with jeans on.
Probably, if they didn't mind.

WYE jump off a bridge?
I love risk! but only if there was something in return  {tongue} Wow I'm so materialistic Big Grin
WYE break a vase on someone's head?
Haha, same here, though. Wink

Um...if it was one of those breakaway ones they use in the movies, then sure. Smile

WYE shoot your best friend? Haha...bad...
Haha, evil Bambi.  {tongue}
WYE break something really precious, only to get someone to like you (Dunno the realtion, though {unsure}) (apparently, I have a thing for breaking stuff  {tongue})
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