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Full Version: Would you ever?
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I know I am. Wink But you didn't answer, did ya? Makes you just as evil. Wink Big Grin

Haha, that's quite random...um...no, I wouldn't.

WYE step on someone's glasses on purpose?
#1 Just might.  {tongue} If they did something really bad. but generally no.. what am I saying?! No I wouldn't!  {blink}  Big Grin

#2 No.

WYE punch a boy in the face.
Haha, nice one. Wink

Um...I'd slap them, sure. Don't know about punch...maybe if they really deserved it.

Same question, but replace "boy" with "girl."
No. But I might slap if they really really deserved it.
WYE stand in the way of a speeding car, then move at the last moment.. for fun?


yes  i might not move at all

wye want to jump off a 50story building
Let me think.. NO!  Wink
WYE watch a really scary movie, knowing that you'll get terrible nightmares?


yeap  i get creepy gory dreams even if i  dont watch them

wye shave a persons head when they are sleeping
Only If that person is very easy-going.  Smile
WYE go out in the snow in your bathing suit.

I gotta go Pink panther, so byee Smile..  and bye Bambi. Better not be hiding.  Wink



wye go swimming in the middle of the night
yes, actually sounds like a good idea

WYE buy a water bottle for looks only?
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