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Full Version: Would you ever?
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wye want to visit a jail
in my lifetime I probably would.

WYE kiss your father??  (IDK??)
Uh, No.

WYE kiss your pet(s)?
I kissed my turtle on its shell once  Smile, I know what you're thinking, ew
WYE Kiss your sister/brother before you turn 17?
Ew? No! i lov ekissing animlas... not to sound like a perverted monster or anything, but they're SO DAMN CUTE!

My little sibling? yes, even though I dont have one Sad my big siblings (which I sadly DO have) , no.

WYE Fall asleep in a movie?

I'm sorry you don't have any younger siblings  Sad..  And why do you hate your older siblings so much. (Don't want to be nosy, Don't answer if you don't want to)
I have one older and one younger sibling, and I love 'em both. Wink
I too have an older sister and a younger one.. I also love them both, but we do fight sometimes Big Grin
Hehe, same here. Although, my sisters and I hardly ever fight. It's odd. But I've been "fighting" with my younger sister more than usual lately. Sad
I'm sorry. Sad Maybe you rarely fight because you're older? My older sister is 17 and my younger sister is 12, and I'm 14, So I too get into more fights with my younger sister.
(BTW I still wanna know how you post while being offline Wink hehe)
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