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Full Version: Would you ever?
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Hehe, you'll know soon enough... Wink

And that could be it. But we've always gotten along rather well, even when we were younger. But I don't mind. Wink
Yay you're online!  {lol}

let's continue with the game Smile
WYE spill ink on your teacher?

EDIT: or boss
Haha, yes I am. Wink

Um...not on purpose. Wink

WYE draw on a highway with chalk?
Maybe.. If there were no cars, I'm not stupid!  {tongue}
WYE throw something really valuable just cause you don't need it?
Probably, depends on what it was Wink

WYE buy a whole collection of DVD's because you can?
No, I'd only buy it if I think I want it.

WY buy Sims 3 if it cost 500 pounds?
Probably not Wink

WYE blame something reallllly serious on someone else?
WYE kill someone just because you're jealous of him/her?
No, defo not (:

WYE Kill someone. [Full Stop]
No! But maybe I'd re-consider if that someone was from EA. Smile
WYE commit suicide.
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