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Full Version: Would you ever?
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No, not at all (:

WYE slit your wrists just to get your own way? LOL!
Haha no.
WYE insult your teacher/boss.
Already done it Wink

WYE eat a worm for a dare?
Haha what did you tell them?

NO NO NO NO NO .. and NO
WYE do drugs just because your best-friend does it?
Nope, no way (:

WYE go out drinking with your mates?

[Oh btw it's a long story, but it's pretty funny (:]
No. (Drinking Alcohol is a sin in my religion)

WYE play Sims 2 for 7 hours in one day?
Probably Wink

WYE eat until you were sick but then kept on eating? xD
Haha, Only if it was something REALLY good, that I probably wont eat again in my life (:
:o You didn't do a WYE!!


wye not think about sims for a whole day
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