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Full Version: Would you ever?
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Nope. I draw plumbbobs in my books, think about what i'm gonna do with them when i get home,
and draw my favourite sims in art! and make perfect snapshots of them, and hang them on my wall.... framed.

WYE not not think about sims all day?
Not not? Um...yes!

Right? Haha.

WYE not play Sims all day?

WYE play Sims all day, your only breaks being the obvious, toilet breaks and food breaks.


yes and i have done that before

wye slap your parents

WYE do gymnastics?
I did I didn't like it so no

WYE watch king of the hill?
nope, I saw one episode and hated it.

WYE live a year in a climate opposite that of the one you currently live in?


yeah i hate cold wheather michigan.

wye move out of your country
yes, under certain circumstances.

WYE go out in public without makeup?  (if you are a girl)
Yes I do it all the time!!

WYE be in a commircial??
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