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Full Version: Would you ever?
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(i'm an actor!)

WYE spam a website for no reason?

WYE go on a picnic when it's raining?



wye eat grass
If I had to

WYE start a food fight?

wye delete your account here?



wye watch a movie 20 times over and over nonstop
Yup. Done it before...

WYE genetically mutate yourslef into an animal?
No, no, never ever Bethanie (sorry, it's a phrase at school for this girl...).

WYE wait to get TS3 (like, not get it the day of release)?
Nope. I'll skip a week off school to get it and play it!

WYE Not ever get TS3?
NO! I' getting it the day of release, and like you, I'm going to skip school. Smile

WYE stay up all night with no sleep playing TS3?
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