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Full Version: Would you ever?
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Yes! I've done that with TS2, so i'm Deff gonna do it for TS3! (hence the week off of school)

WYE shave all of your hair off to get a complete copy of TS3 right now?
OMG... no, I just couldn't do it! I like my hair!

Same question.
No. I love my hair! I LOVE extravagant hairstyles! (The only stereotype people say i could be is a Punk!)

WYE Sleep with someone to get TS3. *perverted questioi know! sorry, I couldn't think of anything else!*
Not a random stranger or something, that'd make me a prositute! If I could choose who, then yes.

Same question.
Yes. Even a random person. as long as she didn't have a disease or something.

WYE sleep with a girl to get TS3? {tongue}
Wow, even if she were fat and ugly and smelly? Or even Mrs. Crumplebottom? {Ohmy}

And nope. I have nothing against lesbians but I'm not one myself and I don't want to do any lesbian acts either. {tongue}

WYE sleep with a boy to get TS3?
I dunno. I probably would if I got a really big UPDATE and got all hyped about it I guess......

*gets disgusted about thought*

But not now. Not when we haven't got an update in months!

WYE lick a Hobo to get TS3?

WYE tickle a spider for TS3?



wye dig a 50ft deep 50ft for TS3
Why not?

WYE hug a mascot?
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