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Full Version: Would you ever?
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No {rolleyes}

Would you ever cuss your teacher out? {cursing}
Yeah! lol

WYE be eaten by a horse? {rolleyes}
Lol, no.  {rolleyes}

Would you ever moon your class? Haha {lol}
lol Haha no. {rolleyes}

WYE save the world before dinner? Wink



wye sit on your butt all day
If I was sitting in front of the computer, maybe.  {lol}

Would you ever have this face {woot} all day?
I will when: We get a huge TS3 update, when I actually get TS3, the day I watch Ron and Hermione kiss. And other reasons... so yep. {yes}

WYE shave your eyebrows off for TS3?
Maybe, if I could find some realistic but fake eyebrows to glue on or something. Lol

Would you ever eat a roach for Ts3?
{ohmy} Oh Em Gee no way!

WYE eat all day none-stop?
Heck no! {rolleyes}

Would you ever do this? {pop}
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