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Full Version: Would you ever?
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Yes! See, I'm doing it now! {pop}

WYE rather lose than win?
If it was a stupid contest...  {yes}

Would you ever pretend to die?
In a joking way, yes. I already have. Smile

WYE be two-faced?
If I lived in India, maybe. They worship people with two faces! But not in the USA...

WYE lick a horse's butt for $100?
Ooops, I meant another kind of two-faced! Lol never mind though. Smile

And no because that is just sickening.

WYE read a book in one sitting, only stopping for food and toilet trips?
Not if it was too long!

Would you ever have this face for the rest of your life? ???
No, that would hurt.

WYE lick the lid of life (whatever that is)?
Erm... I dunno... {unsure}

Would you ever clap all day? {clap}
No, I'd get pins and needles!

WYE threaten EA?
Yeah. I would tell them if they don't give us more updates, my dog will poop on them! {tongue} {lol}

Would you ever let a dog pee on your cat?
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