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Full Version: Would you ever?
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WYE run around your house with your family there for £20?
Run around my house? and get payed? what could be more fun!

wye become a black knight?
Argh! I meant something else... I'll ask it next. Wink


WYE run round your house stark naked with your family there for £20?
Oh.. i thought you meant something like tha.

No. not MY family.

sma equestion.
For 20 quid? Never! Maybe for a thousand or 2.

WYE shout at a teacher who was being unfair?

Wye hit a teacher with a baseball bat?
Seriously, I would love to. But honestly, no.

WYE start singing really loudly in class, some really weird song?
been there, Done that Smile Tongue

Wye adventure around in the sewers?
OMG! What did everyone do? What were you sing, the 'Pinch of Salt' song?

No, it wold stink more than Bob's BO.

WYR be gangsta or nerdy?
Nerdy, i already am! plus, the gangsters shout random mean things at you around here. Tongue jealous?

WYR be chav or emo? (please say chav, please!)
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