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Full Version: Would you ever?
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No, that would be slightly annoying.....

WYE Cry while watching Titanic? ( I did!  :'( )
Prolly not.

WYE cry while watching Bridge to Terabithia?
I cry every time I watch it! Sad

WYE watch iCarly?
whats that? yes??

WYE throw a coke bottle at a random stranger and call him a faggot for no reason? (somebody did that to me! UGH!)
No, (coughs and quickly changes subject) 

WYE  Go to a movie at midnight?
Maybe Wink

WYE throw up and eat it?
No, but my little cousin did that once... urgh, I remember wanting to physically throw up too.

WYE stalk a celebrity you really, really love?

Would you ever post under me?
No way! Wait a mo... oh darn! {rolleyes} {tongue} Hehe, just kidding. Big Grin

WYE take the results of an online quiz seriously?
Yes. i always Do.

WYE Click on andom Popup saying "we have cookies!"?
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