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Full Version: Would you ever?
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No, I hate popups... they destroyed my life! <---- Said dramatically.

WYE throw your TS2 in the bin in order to recieve TS3 straight away.
Nah. I'd rather wait.
WYE kill someone just because you're really really angry at someone else?    (That's a really stupid question)
no, later I would regret it.

WYE eat a whole bag of chips?


Yes, but only if I have two or three days to do that.  {unsure}

WYE drink from a toilet?
NO! Unless someone was going to tortue me for like a week if I didn't...
WYE let yourself be killed and tortued(for 3 days) in order to save one other person from dying?


Be tortured for 3 days, I think. But I hate pain and am afraid of death.  {blush}

WYE let someone pull out your fingernails for $1000?
Ummmm...make it £1000 and yes I most likely would lol
WYE make out with a tree as a dare if the forfit was to make out with an extremely ugly person with warts and zits with puss dripping from them? lol


Uhmz.. I guess I could..  Eww.. {blink}

WYE eat dog vomit if you were starving, locked in a cell?
would never eat dog vomit...
WYR throw a brick into somebody's window or have a brick thrown into your window?


Throw it.  {unsure}

WYE swallow a small mouse alive for $10?
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