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Full Version: Would you ever?
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OWWWWW I just ate a pepper corn...it was hot...
um anyway...NO! seriously would anyone do that? please tell me if you do...
WYE go underwear shopping with your dad?


No!  {blink} {blush}

I wouldn't swallow a live mouse, no..  {unsure}

WYE go to Mars if it's a 50/50 chance that you will return safely?
no, I like earth quite fine. Smile

WYE ride a giraffe if given the chance?


Yes if it was tame.  Wink

WYE eat an apple if it has strange small holes in it?
Yep. i've eaten off the pavement before! Big Grin that's nothing!

WYE live in a house completely made of glass that is held up 50 storeys high by ONE pillar?
Depends how big the pillar was and how stable the house was... and EWWWWW! thats gross...eating off the pavement...

WYE go out with your best friends ex (if he/she had pretty much got other he/she)?


only if she said it was okay

wye date someone because of their looks

WYE Date someone to get back at someone else?
Um probably =S actually I don't know...depends how much I hated them and depends what the guy(who I'm going to date) looks like. lol

WYE date someone because of their bank balance?



wye eat something you dropped on the floor
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