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Full Version: Would you ever?
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Yeah, I do it all the time! Tongue

Wye kiss a random stranger on the street?
Depends what kind of kiss and depends what they look like.
WYE agree to an arranged date? What about marriage?
No, i would hate both of those!

WYE Willingly become A Werewolf?
For one night. lol

WYE lick a tortilla? lol
yeah, the food right? lol, just need to make sure.

WYE count how many licks it takes to lick a lollipop until it is gone?
Probably. I'm that crazy! Smile

WYE Lick a lollipop?

WYE use more than 10 smilies in a post?


That would be a quick way of doing it! Smile

WYE not not not not use a smiley in a post?
well, considering I have already done that.  But I like using smilies in posts!  Big Grin

WYE pass a note when you are supposed to be listening to a meeting or are in a class or something like that?
Heck yes! I do that all the time. {lol}

Would you ever beat up your ex?
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