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Full Version: Would you ever?
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I won't hit girls.

WYE yell at your pet for no reason?
Not for no reason. only if they really pissed me off for ages!

WYE Go back in time to see (and get killed by) dinosaurs?
not to get killed by them but yes, to see them I would.

WYE eat something that looks extremely gross even if everyone else around you is eating it and says its good?

WYE lick a public toilet seat for $1,000?
ummm, that's really gross, probably not.

WYE jump into a swamp?
No! D:

WYE yell a cuss word in Ms. Crumplebottom's ear?

WYE be beaten up by Crumplebutt?


never =O

WYE eat something that fell on the floor if you were not starving?
Maybe Wink

WYE meet someone on Simforums in real life?



WYE: go in a dark alley?
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