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Full Version: Would you ever?
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WYE ditch school
Pssh YEAH!

WYE lick a toad?

WYE touch a really slimey frog and then lick the slime off your finger?


(01-06-2008 03:01 AM)シャネル link Wrote:Nope!

WYE lick a public toilet seat for $1,000?

omg lol lol lol!!!

sorry, that was hilarious.

um... never. lol

WYE: run around in the streets of New York naked for 1mil?
No {lol}

WYE pee on everybody you see?


lol nope!!!
WYE: get rid of your sims games?
maybe, it all depends.

WYE play the sims 48 hourse straight?  of course with food and restroom breaks.


nope, never. that'd probably make me hate the sims forever....

WYE: kiss a puppy? I WOULD! cuteness
Yes! I kiss my dog all the time and he kisses me back Smile

WYE make out with someone and then smack them in the face?



wye smack someone then kiss them
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