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Full Version: Would you ever?
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Maybe Big Grin

WYE kiss your ex
only if my ex were really sorry for breaking up with me.

WYE paint your room yellow?
No! And I can't anyway, the walls are timber, which expands. Which, in short, makes them unpaintable!

WYE Throw a brick at a randoms person's head?
Of course not!
Would you ever ask your mum to go for a picnic with you?

WYE taste dog food?
nope; as much as i love my dog, i don't think i'd do that

WYE spend a night in a haunted house for NOTHING?


WYE Eat a chainsaw?
No, I want to live :|

WYE throw yourself into a pool with all your best clothes on?

wye punch a television for no reason at all?

WYE lock yourself in your room for no reason?
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