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Full Version: Would you ever?
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sure. i have my computer so why not?

WYE eat someone's pet fish


No.  ???

WYE eat snails?

WYE eat your best friend if you had no other choice?
no, I couldn't live with myself afterwards.  I would rather starve, we would starve together.

WYE brush your teeth with sand if neccessary?
why not?

WYE leave your sims collection in your house if it was on fire?


Yes, but only if I didn't have time to take it with me.  Sad

WYR drink milk with salt?

WYE dress like a harajuku girl? but in AMERICA?

[Image: harajuku-fashion-01-20-07-017.jpg]
Only with friends for fun...or halloween!

WYE go a month without a bath?
maybe {tongueside}

WYE learn kung fu?
probably not

WYE go to a ghost town knowing you were the ONLY person visiting?
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