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Full Version: Would you ever?
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OMG no {jawdrop}

WYE streak in a retirement home?
never, that's so rude to the people there

WYE break a window on purpose?
I was jk Wink But anyways nah

WYE buy a guitar?


Maybe.. but I don't think so.

WYE steal from a homeless person?
No, thats just cruel

WYE dance like a maniac on TV?
I already have, sort of. Depends what you consider 'maniac'. Wink

WYE watch Eurovision?
yes...but only if I was really really bored

WYE tell someone to go on a diet?
No that's so rude! Unless they were asking me if they should or shouldn't

WYE dump your BF/GF just because you got bored with them? (i know this girl who dumps all her BFs just because she gets bored...)
no, I don't get bored with themĀ  Big Grin

WYE eat ice cream right after drinking lemonade?

WYE eat a bug?
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