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Full Version: Would you ever?
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Emo. Sad The thing is, I don't think Chavs where you are, are as bad as here. Chavs here steal from old ladies, grafiti, smoke weed at bustops, have lots of swearing issues and are just plain nasties. You don't come off like that at all.

WYE sit on a toilet all day for a bet?
we don't even have chavs here at all. here the gangsters and emoes do that stuff.


Wye stand up for 48 hours for a bet?
Really? Well if that is so, I would say Chav where you are. Wink

And no way! No way no way no way.

WYE tell a really big lie to a friend?
I depends on the lie... and the situation.

Wye become a chav where you are?
Never. I'd be in prison before I could say 'Quidditch'.

WYE become a Chav where I am?
nope, but i'd speak like one!

WYE get a s3x-change? Lmao
Oooh, I wonder where you got that from lol!

No Siree Bob, I am happy being a girl, thanks very much.

Same question.
No. that would hurt.....

soooooooooooo badly.............

WYE dance in front of the queen of england?
Totally, she'd be so disturbed. Smile

Same question.
yes, she would die of shock.

...wait, thats bad......

WYE go to the centre of hte earth?
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