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Full Version: Would you ever?
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wye  go on tv
sure! unless it was reality tv. no reality...

WYE start your own webshow? (i have, on youtube search kacoik and jacklyn's webshow)


yes if i had video camera

wye delete your accout here
nope i did and i regret it

WYE ban yourself here?


ban myself from this site    no

wye  throw something at me if you see me in real life
if i notice you sure why not Big Grin
WYE hit me if you saw me in real life?
maybe Wink

WYE say the f word in your teacher's face? =F



wye beep out your parents
idk maybe? i cant cuss though
WYE poke someone's eye for no reason?



wye randomly say something in a quite time
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