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Full Version: Would you ever?
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yupp already did

wye laugh at stupid unfunny stuff?



wye laugh at  random
yes i do all the time

WYE audition for American Idol? (Last night I played American Idol on my friend's Wii and Simon actually gave us nice comments {woot})



wye sleep in the middle of nowhere

would you ever sing in front of the whole world?


singing no

wye flash someone
sure XD

would you ever post a video of you on youtube? (i have and i get terrible comments)


why did you get terrible comments  yes i would

wye become a doctor
Yes just for the money!  LOL  Hey Chanel what is your youtube address??

WYE  Post a rude comment on one of Chanel's video's?
no cuz we friend

wye sacrifice urself to save a friend
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