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Full Version: Would you ever?
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Isn't it boiling hot there? Courese! {tongue}

WYE live on the moon of cheese?
No! i hate space and all things where there is no air!

WYE live on an iceburg?

WYE be best mates with a pet?
Yup. already am!

Wye walk around the world?
!!!! (That also means 'yep').

WYE punch a girl?
Depends what she did Smile, but in general no.
WYE jump of a cliff if someone told you to do so, and he/she would give you something you really want in return?
Nope! How could I use whatever I received if I'm in dead? {ohmy} Sad

WYE ignore someone purposefully.
HAHA, good point (I'm now laughing at how stupid I was when I wrote that)
Yeah If he/she is trying to annoying me.

WYE French-kiss someone as a dare?
Oh, heavens no. Unless it was someone absolutely amazing who I absolutely loved. Haha.

WYE eat a live animal? (I must say, you're weird if you say yes. Wink)
ehem, I might if I'm like going to die. Smile
WYE ditch your best-friend if someone really popular promised to get you into their group if you did so?
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