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Full Version: Would you ever?
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No. I'm not that petty.

WYE jump off a cliff if there was a trampoline at the bottom and you'd get paid 2 billion dollars to do it?

WYE take the blame even though you didn't do it?
NO!!  I would make another person take it!!

WYE  skip school to play the sims 2 or 3
Possibly...if Sims 3 came out on a school day...and if I were still in school... Wink

WYE skydive knowing your parachute probably wouldn't open?
No, I wouldn't risk my life

wye go back to school to be prom queen?
I was prom queen, and it's nothing great. So no, I wouldn't go back to do it again. Wink

WYE drop out of school if your family asked you to? (I don't know why they would, but still...)

WYE  kill someone??

WYE tell a HUGE lie?
Yes  {blush}

WYE kiss a random guy in front of his girlfriend??  {glare} {glare}
Haha, nooo.

WYE cheat on someone?
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